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Breaking up is harder to do for expats
Posted by admin on 1st March 2016

Expat marriages face a peculiar set of challenges. But what really happens when a marriage ends on foreign soil?

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Does Australia do multiculturalism well?
Posted by admin on 8th February 2016

Multiculturalism, as demonstrated in Australia, perpetuates the sharing of authentic cultural experiences and traditions and this can have a very positive impact on society.

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New Year, New Five Year Plan for China
Posted by admin on 1st February 2016

The new year 2016, marks the beginning of China’s new five year plan. This is a national planning document for political, social and economical development.

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Cultural Intelligence: The top 5 mistakes people make
Posted by admin on 19th December 2015

When it comes to intercultural relationships, we’re all learning … We’re all going to make mistakes from time to time, too.
Here are the top 5, and tips for avoiding them.

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We need to revamp history to create future international citizens
Posted by admin on 14th December 2015

The Australian education system’s limited history curriculum is failing to adequately prepare the next generation to be tolerant international citizens.

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Are Australian businesses Asia-Ready?
Posted by admin on 14th December 2015

Despite new trade agreements that make it easier than ever before, Australian businesses – by and large – are not ready to do business with Asia.

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Why Aussie farmers are chuffed about ChAFTA
Posted by admin on 9th November 2015

Experts are predicting that ChAFTA will provide a major boost to the Australian agricultural industry, with some going as far as to say that it will facilitate an agricultural boom. But we need to ensure we get these intercultural relationships right, from the outset.

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What a tiara can teach us about international relations with China
Posted by admin on 28th October 2015

When dealing with China, it’s critical to understand the myriad of nuances that make up ‘Mianzi’. Even Governments with all of their researchers, ambassadors and resources sometimes get it wrong. And its consequences can often be far-reaching.

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Doing business with China? Patience and perseverance are key
Posted by admin on 2nd September 2015

During this time of business uncertainty in China, Australian businesses that can ‘sit tight’ and demonstrate consistency, loyalty as well as a commitment to partnerships for the long term will reap the benefits when the economy starts to grow again.

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Unlocking the power of diversity with cross cultural management
Posted by admin on 20th August 2015

Changing work environments present numerous challenges to companies, especially those managing teams across different countries. Successful cross cultural management is key to keeping employees happy, and projects on track, but even more than that, it can unlock the true potential of cultural diversity.

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