About Cultural Chameleon

Sally Anne Gaunt

Cultural Chameleon helps clients find practical ways to increase their productivity and profitability when doing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

We offer trusted solutions based on extensive experience gained from living and working in Asia and managing multi-cultural environments.

Cultural Chameleon will help you and your team master the art of doing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Managing Virtual Teams and International Staff

You can increase staff performance across borders if you understand how to motivate your international teams. We deliver personalised workshops and coaching to enable you to maximise staff productivity in your overseas centres. Read more

  • Attracting Asian business

We give business development professionals the confidence they need to successfully expand into Asia Pacific markets. Through workshops and coaching we help your team gain the competitive edge as you expand into Asia. Read more

  • Multicultural Team Building

We help you unlock cultural barriers. This allows multicultural teams to reach full potential. We offer tailored workshops and seminars that enable all stakeholders to capitalise on the commercial advantages of diversity. Read more

  • Expatriate Training

We help you ensure that newly appointed expatriates and their families fulfil your expectations. Individual coaching for staff recently chosen for overseas assignments and their families promotes independence and success in their new environment. Read more


Sally Anne Gaunt

Sally Anne Gaunt is dedicated to  helping her delegates gain a clear understanding of their international stakeholders. They’ll walk away with the confidence and skills they need to do business successfully with a new international region.

Sally Anne has a Masters of Asian Studies and vast experience gained from years of living and working in Asia. She is also a master facilitator. Sally Anne uses real life examples to engage your team and help them realise that you can’t judge others by your own standards. Once people are empowered with a more realistic understanding of their international clients and colleagues, profitable business can flow.

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Workplace Ready International Students

The ‘Workplace Ready Program’ is designed to prepare international students for the Australian workplace by highlighting unique cultural differences.
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Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Few workplaces rival Australian university’s multicultural environments. Therefore, by helping their employees embrace and master diversity, these universities will also help to secure their own future prosperity and competitiveness.
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Managing Virtual Teams

Maximise return on investment from your outsource partners in the Asia Pacific region

Asian Business Success

Gain more market share in the Asia Pacific region through cultural understanding

Multicultural Team Building

We help you unlock cultural barriers allowing your multicultural teams to reach their full potential

Expatriate Coaching

Increase the success of expatriate assigments through cultural awareness coaching