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But why should we change? – The curse of the Cultural Awareness Trainer
Posted by Sonia on 15th February 2018

During my career as a cultural awareness educator and coach, I am often asked the question ‘why do we have to change?’ Why can’t the call center, students, the outsourced staff or even sometimes the client adapt to us? Recently the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, gave stark warnings to Chinese students studying in Australia […]

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China and America – Dangerous Liaisons
Posted by admin on 18th January 2017

In my former years as a student studying China’s impact on security within the Asia-Pacific region, we were told never to underestimate the security risk separated by the Taiwan Straits. The Straits receive far less media coverage than many other contentious areas of the world, making it easy to forget the deep-rooted hegemonic disputes between China […]

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How will China see the ‘Face’ of Trump?
Posted by admin on 16th November 2016

As the world recovers from the shock US election result, speculation starts regarding the trajectory of Trump’s presidency.  Among many of Trump’s outlandish statements are his proposed tariffs on Chinese imports of up to 45%. Such a claim falls foul of WTO regulations which would seemingly make it impossible to implement. However, as the election […]

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Overcoming the challenge of values when building ‘Cultural Intelligence’
Posted by admin on 3rd August 2016

In 1995 Daniel Goleman coined the phrase ‘Emotional Intelligence’, or EQ. As he defined it, Emotional Intelligence measured how an individual could regulate and master his or her own emotions. Perhaps for the first time the assessment of an individual’s intelligence was taken beyond their intellectual talent, and using traditional intelligence tests to assess someone’s […]

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Managing refugees in the workplace
workplace refugees
Posted by admin on 3rd August 2016

As the election approaches, the popular vote-catching topic of stopping the leaky boats full of asylum seekers hits the headlines. Each side of the political spectrum puts their case for how to stop/control the onslaught of masses heading for our shores. Only a small amount of research will enlighten anyone who cares to check the […]

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Brexit makes Asia even more important to Australia
united kingdom exit from europe relative image
Posted by Sallyanne Gaunt on 7th July 2016

Market turmoil precedes the UK citizens’ marginal decision to leave the EU. Stock markets have tumbled and Sterling has plummeted. Some are even predicting that Britain will slide further into recession. In such times it is important for Australia to keep considering new opportunities instead of dwelling on the possible misfortune. However, we are unlikely […]

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History holds a vital key to establishing Cultural Intelligence
Posted by admin on 29th June 2016

To really understand a different culture it is imperative to look at how it has been shaped by history.  Living under a hard core communist regime is going to create very different cultural survival traits to living under a newly formed democracy. Having to endure colonial rule will take different survival skills to growing up […]

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Breaking up is harder to do for expats
Posted by admin on 1st March 2016

Expat marriages face a peculiar set of challenges. But what really happens when a marriage ends on foreign soil?

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Does Australia do multiculturalism well?
Posted by admin on 8th February 2016

Multiculturalism, as demonstrated in Australia, perpetuates the sharing of authentic cultural experiences and traditions and this can have a very positive impact on society.

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New Year, New Five Year Plan for China
Posted by admin on 1st February 2016

The new year 2016, marks the beginning of China’s new five year plan. This is a national planning document for political, social and economical development.

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