Sally Anne Gaunt

Version 2Sally Anne Gaunt is dedicated to  helping her delegates gain a clear understanding of their international stakeholders. They’ll walk away with the confidence and skills they need to do business successfully with a new international region.

Sally Anne has a Masters of Asian Studies and vast experience gained from years of living and working in Asia. She is also a master facilitator. Sally Anne uses real life examples to engage your team and help them realise that you can’t judge others by your own standards. Once people are empowered with a more realistic understanding of their international clients and colleagues, profitable business can flow.

In Sally Anne’s words

“I love the moment when the penny drops. Where delegates smile with confidence because they have reached a new understanding of their international colleagues and clients. I know from that moment on they’ll work with empathy and they are on their way to successfully doing business with a new culture.”

Sally Anne is vastly experienced in working with teams at all levels of organisations. She is equally effective working with individuals and small groups or delivering engaging keynote speeches to large audiences.

She held a senior sales management position in London with the Financial Times Group before moving to Asia where she she again worked in the media industry, including three years as Regional Business Manager for the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), a monthly magazine owned by Dow Jones that was considered an authority on economic, political and business issues in Asia Pacific. She also sold across CNBC TV and the Asian Wall Street Journal. Sally Anne worked, lived and travelled in Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Sub Continent, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Fiji and a number of African countries. She travelled extensively across the Indonesian archipelago.  Here she learned to conversationally speak the language and researched some areas of bilateral Australian and Indonesian foreign policy.

Professional background

Sally Anne is currently Lecturer in Charge for the Post graduate Cross Cultural Management course at UNSW Business School. This brings knowledge of the most up-to-date research and thinking in the field of cultural awareness. Her course also covered major elements of ethics within a cross cultural context program.
Sally Anne has just had the following publication excepted from the Australian Graduate School of Management: Gaunt, S A 2016, ‘Unit 5: Cultural differences and international business’, in MNGT6582 International business, Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW Business School, Sydney.  In 2013 Sally Anne published a case study in Asia-Pacific Business Cases Dynamics of International Business Melbourne: Cambridge University Press. Sally Anne has also lectured  or run cultural awareness  programs for the International College of Management, Charles Sturt University and Curtin University and presented for the Australian Institute of Management. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Vocational and Workplace Learning


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