Asian Business Success

Want to master the art of creating a profitable business relationships in the Asia Pacific region?

We give business development professionals the confidence they need to successfully expand into highly influential Asia Pacific markets.


Through workshops and coaching we help your team gain the competitive edge as you expand into Asia.


  • Emphasising of the vital role relationships play when doing business in Asia.
  • Navigating through the complex maze of decision makers.
  • Managing expectations for time-frames to close business.
  • How to read the high context communication styles prevalent in Asia.
  • Appreciating different negotiation styles.
  • How to fast track rapport building when working with Asian clients.
  • Dos and Don’ts of winning clients in Asia.


  • Highly interactive, engaging learning environments.
  • Easily to implement tools which transfer readily to the workplace.
  • Tailored programs to meet clients individual objectives.
  • Coaching, workshops or keynotes.
  • A fun and memorable delegate experience.

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“Excellent - extremely insightful. I think the techniques will be utilised on most customers, not just Asians.

"I believe the position of influence and negotiation has been greatly improved.

"It will break down the barriers and personalise the conversations, leaving more time for achieving the result. These skills are extremely important to the ever changing face of our customer base.”
Michael Laird - IGA Distribution
"Wonderful, wonderful information. Learning more about the power of relationships in business and how to use that knowledge to make sure we close deals is exactly what we needed to help us do more business with our Asian stakeholders.

Thanks Sally Anne"
Deb Jeffreys - Brilliant Blue

Ready to make your business with Asia-Pacific more profitable?