Expatriate Coaching

Ensuring newly appointed expatriates and their families have the best possible chance of success when embarking on an overseas assignment.


Sending expatriates overseas is a costly exercise especially if the expatriate doesn’t even complete the assignment. Many don’t work out well.


We help you ensure that newly appointed expatriates and their families fulfil your expectations. Individual coaching for staff recently chosen for overseas assignments and their families promotes independence and success in their new environment.

Content and Structure:

  • Helping you select the right staff to ensure a successful overseas placement.
  • Ensuring the newly appointed expatriates and their families understand the pitfalls that they could face. Giving them the tools they need to remain resilient.
  • Empowering newly appointed expatriates with the knowledge they need to adapt their leadership, management and communication styles. This keeps host country staff motivated and productive.
  • Enabling expatriates to realistically management expectations.
  • Coaching head office staff on how to support and repatriate those on overseas placements.


The most successful delivery is one-on-one coaching with the candidate. Some sessions may benefit the partner/spouse as well.

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“I found the sessions extremely useful with regard to cultural knowledge and things that I should consider implementing to assist in my new role and adapting to the new cultural environment and workplace.

The case studies, recommended reading materials and exercises I also found particularly thought provoking.

The three recent sessions related to Doing Business in Thailand were specifically targeted for my needs. Combined with the half-day Cultural Awareness course done 12 months ago will increase my effectiveness in adapting to, working and succeeding in a new business environment and adapting to future cultural challenges.”
- Robyn Thomson

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