Multicultural Team Building

We help you unlock cultural barriers. This allows multicultural teams to reach full their potential. Research shows that high-functioning multicultural teams are more profitable than mono-cultural teams.


Our multicultural team building event helps organisations achieve greater levels of co-operation between team members from different cultures, leading to higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Content and Structure:


Developing understanding and empathy for newly recruited team members from different cultural backgrounds. This helps these new team members reduce the amount of time needed for transition and to realise their potential.


Cultural awareness and developing flexibility, to assist individuals entering a team comprised of people from unfamiliar cultural backgrounds. This module will work to lessen conflict and blame as well as increase creativity and problem solving.


This program is most successful for groups of 20-50 where delegates share information and experiences and complete the day with a better understanding of each other and how to incorporate this into their day-to-day interactions within the company structure.

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“Wonderful session, content was great and very thought provoking. Something everyone working with Asian teams should attend!”
- Erin Goodsell

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