Cultural Chameleon’s Open Courses

open course cultural training

We understand some organizations may wish to train just one or two of their staff who are set to engage with overseas stakeholders. Cultural Chameleon’s open courses provide the ideal introductory platform to help individuals’ assimilate to their new environments. Lasting no longer then 2 hours and located in the CBD, Cultural Chameleon’s open courses offer practical learning for minimal effort.

Listed below is our schedule for the next 6 months

Our upcoming events

6 July 2017 (8.00 – 9.30 am)
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Managing Virtual Teams

Maximise return on investment from your outsource partners in the Asia Pacific region

Asian Business Success

Gain more market share in the Asia Pacific region through cultural understanding

Multicultural Team Building

We help you unlock cultural barriers allowing your multicultural teams to reach their full potential

Expatriate Coaching

Increase the success of expatriate assigments through cultural awareness coaching